Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bang Bang Bang Boom

Well its that time of year again, we all wait for in New England,
Yep.....Summer is here and this is the weekend it officially Kicks Off
4th of JULY......
bring on the dogs n burgers, make some potato salad,
cover the tables with festive cloths...........


I have some friends coming down to stay for weekend at our
Cape Cod Home.......we will be at the beach on Saturday soaking
up some sun, then if it "sprinkles" on Sunday we will hit some shops

Monday when they pack up to head home,
My brother will be arriving for 4 days ......havent seen him for a couple
of years sooo I am soooo excited

until next week.....take care and have a Great Holiday Weekend

Thursday, June 9, 2011

mending fences

I always had a picket fence, in most of my homes
when we moved here, I really stretched the budget, just to get in the house and try to make it somewhat more "me"
so a fence was going to have to wait..

well I got lucky and found a used picket fence, on Craigslist, so we got it
for hardly anything.......and David finally got it put in

The herb garden will come later
I will post some pics of the fence......and more flowers next time.......

right now I need to pack. heading off to my grandaughters recitals tomorrow!

Some of our Flowers

Heres a few pics......from our spring gardens

The gardens really needed alot of care when we got home

tons of the grasses has been out all David had to cut those all back...

its alot of work!

IM back On Cape Cod Yay!

Well we arrived home to Cape Cod, and have been here about a month now
I guess its time I get this Blog going again

I am so busy getting ready to do Walker HomeStead show in Brookfield Ma...and
also working on orders.......But I will post some pics of my Spring Flowers that
were waiting patiently for us to return !