Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Creations, For Me and Thee

Oh Its That Time again....Fall is coming

I started thinking about last year
and how excited we were....
we were in a new home and preparing to have A Primitive Place come and do a photo shoot.......

This year.....I want to get decorated but
Id like to change things around a bit....
actually I do have my Keeping room
arranged a tad different since the magazine was here...and some pieces in the
Gathering room have been moved around too

so now......what to do for a fall feel
well....I will start creating a few goodies...just for me.....
oh and if someone Just has to have one....
they can be for me.......and thee

Here is the first..her name is Greta and she grows her own garlic, to sell ..
with the money she buys fabric to sew
clothes for the family.
she is sooo sweet.....she says Garlic is good for what Ails you......hmmm I might try eating more of it..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall Is My Favorite Time Of Year

Fall is Coming........and I have created a special gal
that will bring a fall touch into your home.......

here she is............

Edith Humplewick, loves Fall.....
She starts early hunting down all sorts of stuff to decorate her Home with...she never passes up a free pumpkin, and especially loves Black ones...she wears a bright pumpkin color coat over her black wispy dress...she is so clever, she "hand-Did" stars all over her coat just to look Festive...she has black striped leggins on her antique bobbin legs, to keep her warm when she is "bobbin along in the woods"...she has sweet annie hair, and keeps it looking Pretty , by wearing a big ole rumpled hat..she stands.....15 inches tall..and is a OOAK creation..........$36
email me @ winterberryprimz@aol.com to inquire

Friday, July 22, 2011

Can You Feel The Excitement


The Folks at APP outdid themselves this time,
The new fall issue is packed with great fall decorating ideas,
and as usual a nice collection of wonderful primitive homes to view

We were so excited when mail came yesterday...
hubby couldnt wait to get his hands on a copy

The feature they did on our home was wayyyy beyond
our expectations...we are just so touched by the whole thing

heres a few pics...not going to spoil it for you...
regular subscriptions should be going out soon, and then shops should start getting them in , 1st part of August...
its awesome..
we are just soooooooo proud to be in the magazine!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Have You Ordered Yours Yet

We are soo excited, The new A Primitive Place Magazine will be coming out soon
and our home is being featured in it........
It was a crisp fall day when they came to shoot the pics......
we had so much fun getting the house ready, Pumpkins, Squash, Corn stalks,
Bittersweet.....you know...all the fun that we had decorating

well.....dont miss the newest issue...comes out August 1st

we also do The APP Collector Series dolls , the 5th one has just been
released......his name is Percy, and he is a Not so Scary ScareCrow......

he is very "Folky" so you will probably want to leave him out year round..he wears a coat
covered in hand drawn stars.....his head is a grungy gourd...he stands, and reads his
new magazine...holding it tight.......he is very cool........
he can be ordered on the APP page

Friday, July 8, 2011

Turned off The Music

I decided to remove the Old Cape Cod Music ......I love the song, it reminds me of my MOM........but I was thinking maybe some of you , rather poke on a blog thats quiet!

Pics of The Flowers

FLOWERS are Blooming

We have so many lovely flowers, the gardens , I fell for
when we came to see this house last yr..I loved the gardens so much I didnt notice, the house lacked alot of closet space...
and didnt notice a few other things.....the flowers captivated me
I do love the house though.......we can work on things that are missing

I havent got the time to spend , working out there, but they
just keep blooming anyway

Its like each of the plants are saying, here I am, see me......Im the prettiest
They all behave well.....getting along with each other and they are
waiting patiently for the time when I can work out there , with a big straw hat and a long homespun dress......for now.........I will post a few pics

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bang Bang Bang Boom

Well its that time of year again, we all wait for in New England,
Yep.....Summer is here and this is the weekend it officially Kicks Off
4th of JULY......
bring on the dogs n burgers, make some potato salad,
cover the tables with festive cloths...........


I have some friends coming down to stay for weekend at our
Cape Cod Home.......we will be at the beach on Saturday soaking
up some sun, then if it "sprinkles" on Sunday we will hit some shops

Monday when they pack up to head home,
My brother will be arriving for 4 days ......havent seen him for a couple
of years sooo I am soooo excited

until next week.....take care and have a Great Holiday Weekend

Thursday, June 9, 2011

mending fences

I always had a picket fence, in most of my homes
when we moved here, I really stretched the budget, just to get in the house and try to make it somewhat more "me"
so a fence was going to have to wait..

well I got lucky and found a used picket fence, on Craigslist, so we got it
for hardly anything.......and David finally got it put in

The herb garden will come later
I will post some pics of the fence......and more flowers next time.......

right now I need to pack. heading off to my grandaughters recitals tomorrow!

Some of our Flowers

Heres a few pics......from our spring gardens

The gardens really needed alot of care when we got home

tons of the grasses has been out all winter......so David had to cut those all back...

its alot of work!

IM back On Cape Cod Yay!

Well we arrived home to Cape Cod, and have been here about a month now
I guess its time I get this Blog going again

I am so busy getting ready to do Walker HomeStead show in Brookfield Ma...and
also working on orders.......But I will post some pics of my Spring Flowers that
were waiting patiently for us to return !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When I Get Back To Where My Heart Is!

I just want to say, that I appreciate all who come and peek at my new blog

I started it here in Florida, while I had some idle time one day

But I cannot begin to "Really" post about what I love,

Decorating, and Antiques...Until I am back where my Heart is

New England.....thats where I feel most comfortable, and thats

where my inspirations for this blog will come from!

so.....keep watching......Mid may I will finally be back!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The New A Primitive Place Cover is Revealed!

Oh Joy, A Primitive Place Magazine has revealed the new cover for Summer issue The new issue will be out May 1st...but for now, Their blog has lots of SNEAK PREVIEWS! Check it out........and IM proud to be The Creator for thier Collector Series Dolls and This issue is a special one......its a Sweet Americana Themed Bear

You can order it on The A Primitive Place Site


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Check Out The A Primitive Place Blog

A Primitive Place Magazine , has a Brand new Blog..
Be Sure to bookmark the new URL

CLICK here to go to the NEW APP Blog


and visit often....follow them and enjoy sneak peeks into wonderful Primitive Homes ...and some of the most unique primitive shops


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tattered n Torn Collection

This doll has been VERY popular, seems every order I do , includes a few of her

she is aged, tattered cheesecloth, hand dyed for her skirt
carries a sprig of preserved rosemary, or sweet annie
her limbs are aged clothespins, and her head is a grungy gourd

she is around 10 or so inches tall..

Prairie Dolls

Sunday, a day of rest
well Not for me......I have been working on orders
and have a few new dolls this year to share

if you are interested in these for your shop, and you Missed seeing us
at Market in February.......email me.