Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Creations, For Me and Thee

Oh Its That Time again....Fall is coming

I started thinking about last year
and how excited we were....
we were in a new home and preparing to have A Primitive Place come and do a photo shoot.......

This year.....I want to get decorated but
Id like to change things around a bit....
actually I do have my Keeping room
arranged a tad different since the magazine was here...and some pieces in the
Gathering room have been moved around too

so now......what to do for a fall feel
well....I will start creating a few goodies...just for me.....
oh and if someone Just has to have one....
they can be for me.......and thee

Here is the first..her name is Greta and she grows her own garlic, to sell ..
with the money she buys fabric to sew
clothes for the family.
she is sooo sweet.....she says Garlic is good for what Ails you......hmmm I might try eating more of it..


  1. Lana,
    I just love your creations! Someday, I do plan on getting a few of those APP dolls! I like them! Have a great week!

  2. They are all adorable Lana, and I especially like the little stories that you create to go with them. You are so talented. I will check your facebook again for other pics. Happy Fall decorating ~Sara