Saturday, January 10, 2015

It has been a busy season for us and now we are getting ready to head off to
Market Square Show in Pennsylvania FEB 9 and 10
so I wont be posting anything for sale right now.........
but I will post some goods we will be the next week or so
soooo Please come back.............

for now..............dont forget....see us at Market Square Gallery
BOOTH 1508

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Tour of Our Home

Oh My where did Summer go?
Well on Cape Cod, summers really FLY!!!
and we had lots of fun times....

We had friends come for weekends...........
and some came for a week........
we had cousins fly in from Florida to get out of the heat
ONLY to find out, it was HOTTER here!!

so anyway..........after a long break.........Im back to share some pics with you!  I have been busy since August creating fall goodies for shops all over the USA.........and now IM working mostly on Christmas , winter thyme goodies! here is a few pics of my fall decorating at our home........
I hope you enjoy this little tour...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hope Everyone is enjoying this Glorious Spring !
Here on Cape Cod we have had some rain past couple of days BUT
I love it....rain is so good for the plants ...and when it rains I dont feel like Im missing a good outdoor day....working in the studio

Its been a few months since Ive posted...........lots new

when we came back from a months vacation ( March) we
had some upgrading to do in the house......
got a new counter in kitchen........its a honed granite...we love it
David made the tall cupboard to left of kitchen window, it holds his small coffee pot and a good supply of plates, bowls..the small mustard cupboard on counter holds my glass coffee cups and the cupboard next to that, (left of stove) is my Keurig......The apothacary holds spices,paper plates..napkins etc

Once the counter was done......we went to work on my studio
its a space on 1st floor..which is great for me.....AC..view of my front porch.......what more could I ask for
David made me a long bench/table..from a couple of beaded walls we had used for show displays...and a nice old door , he used for legs
and he also made a wonderful table for my sewing machine..from an old sewing table that was falling apart..he took the iron base off...and used a BIG old breadboard for top

The gardens have been coming up...filling in...and bringing a palette of joy to the yard...heres a few pics ....

We recently did a little upgrade to the 1st floor fixtures
cottage style vanity...painted the existing light..painted the medicine cabinet and  it gave the bathroom a light fresh seaside flair

well..thats all we have been doing lately it seems is finishing up projects
around the house..we still have 1 more bath to do...
(and I am doing these on a shoestring budget) sooo it takes alot of thought...and searching for good buys

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bunnies Bunnies ...everywhere
I have orders from lots of shops......sooo maybe some of these will Hop your way soon!  if can always email me and request one
This sweet couple......stands about 9 inches tall to bend in ears
dressed in assorted homespuns...and Mister's Wheel Barrow is toting one of our grungy textured eggs
Mister complete is  $30 and his Lady friend is $21
the pair $50...

 next is The Naked Bunny with Carrot......he is just full of himself
all painted with grungy cinnamon mix....
and his belly and face are look sooo sweet
he is $25 travel fare included

Shared from A Primitive Place:

Meet “Mizz Twitch” - The 11th in our APP collector series dolls! She stands a foot tall to the bend in her ear. She wears a homespun dress and a tattered apron. It’s been a long winter and she is keeping busy reading her new spring APP magazine; gathering ideas to make her home feel like spring has sprung! She will come to you signed and dated by Lana Testa of Winterberry Primitives. Please visit our website at and scroll down on the homepage for ordering info.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Painting is Done! Our Home is Simply Seasoned

Well the Hancock Grey didnt work out, so the store added tints to it, and toned it down, more like ASHLEY Gray now on Benjamin Moore Historical Chart
I never liked looking in the room and seeing all the windows, had to have valances on them to hide the blinds...and it was very BUSY looking
after Hubby finished 2 walls.....and had gone to bed
I sat in the room,  and in the dim lighting, it started to come to me..
I have to "feel" it....and it felt right........I knew what I wanted to do!
He woke up the next morning......and I told him......
NO trim.....I want the whole room same color...he thought I had flipped
he couldnt envision it........well...its done and we are both Pleased as Punch!
He took the heavy wooden blinds down, (they came with the house)
and on the big 8 foot slider at back of room, he made a simple pine cornice board to hide the shades...I rarely pull them down, but once in a while I do and so I didnt want to remove them
I love it now...very relaxing colorMy work has been keeping me very busy, and but I took one day and did a little decorating...Simply Seasoned...
I will post  a few pics, from around the house.....
This is my view at night when I finally get to relax a little
My Friend Lynn gave me the wonderful BELIEVE Garland for my Birthday....fits in so nicely with The Santa sitting on a cobblers bench

This is one of my favorite trees....I have had the white Woolen Mittens many years...I like trees done in themes, rather than mixed up
it says "Simply Seasoned" to me
Its sitting in an Old Bin, in the Gathering Room...I created the snowman head that is peeking out......he wears a tattered red burlap hat
See the Light above the Antique Cupboard? We have 4 wall lights and I couldnt find a style that would fit over cupboards...we didnt have alot of room, well my Friend Karen Gerhart found these for me...LOVE them
They are made in USA, right up in Maine
 LOVE them....they add so much to the room
Hubby surprised me with this....The Perfect TWIG tree
he is always say the least...believes in getting his moneys worth on everything!
He saved our FRESH TREE, from a couple years ago....had it standing down in back, I never noticed it..and knowing how I love Primitives, he brought it to me.........and we stuck it in a big ole red metal pail
I have adorned it with mini white lights...and simple blackended beeswax ornies....weighted candle holders..and a few of my painted canvas cabins
We placed the pail on a vintage childs sled to add some height
Moving on to the Keeping Room, again Simply Seasoned

Found this table , in an old barn this summer...decided to bring it in and replace the bench......( needed bench for tree by fireplace)
I have to say...I love it is a perfect height for a sofa table
I can change out the accents...each season but the table will stay!
heres a close up...showing the floating star candle....smells yummy and looks so pretty burning with its red center
One of my favorite corners..Simply Seasoned
Tree lit at night in Keeping room,
and a close up of the tree.......

its adorned with tiny hand dyed childrens stockings

Moving out doors........on the Front door.....Hubby decorated an old snowshoe..and I added a pair of striped socks, instead of a Bow......
simple......but  a touch of whimsy..hubby tucked a stone dove in for luck!

Our Front Porch.....just sprinkled a few touches here and there
almost looks like it snowed.......(clam shells on Ole Cape Cod)
Hubby is so creative....we plan to put a Post lamp in, Spring 2013
but for now he knew I wanted to have a post to decorate
sooo he thought of this idea...he got a BIG Lantern for $15 on clearance
and put it on a pole he got free at fence place
we added some Battery Timer Candles..and there you have it
Make Do Post Lamp!

We got this carved snowman in fall...and forgot about him
lack of storage space here, you never know where hubby will stash something....was pleasantly surprised to find him in the guest BATH!
now he keeps watch over the yard
These old red and green garden tools , sit patiently awaiting a new planting season......
An Old Childs sled, some old skates...little touches to give the porch
a festive winter feel
Wondering what neighbors are thinking........since we hung Red LongJohns on the porch