Friday, July 8, 2011

FLOWERS are Blooming

We have so many lovely flowers, the gardens , I fell for
when we came to see this house last yr..I loved the gardens so much I didnt notice, the house lacked alot of closet space...
and didnt notice a few other things.....the flowers captivated me
I do love the house though.......we can work on things that are missing

I havent got the time to spend , working out there, but they
just keep blooming anyway

Its like each of the plants are saying, here I am, see me......Im the prettiest
They all behave well.....getting along with each other and they are
waiting patiently for the time when I can work out there , with a big straw hat and a long homespun dress......for now.........I will post a few pics

1 comment:

  1. So, you lived in the South.....


    I live in the South, too. In South Carolina. We're hoping for relocation to either Western MA, or the Cape! Maybe we'll meet one of these days.....