Friday, November 23, 2012

Well, Thanksgiving is Over...Had a wonderful dinner , with one of my sons and his wifes family....good food, wonderful people..Grandkids hugz, and lots of laughter.....doesnt get much better!

I have been working so much, trying to catch up with orders for shops
I must say..I finally see some light at end of tunnel
But now once the last orders go..I will be catching up with regular orders
like the Holiday Papa Snow for A Primitive Place.........those will ship out this coming Monday and Tuesday...
I did a few new guys this past is a sweet fellow wearing a red checked jacket..and he carries a Wee sized Log Cabin ornament which I hand paint on canvas..he is $25 plus shipping ($5)
Im working on a new line of Ole Rabbit Folk....will be fun and available sometime in January..sneak preview soon!!
I finally got paint to do the Gathering is a pic from Christmas Past.......see the Clay colored walls.....they are very hard to work with
during holiday I wanted something more neutral.....
would love Lancaster Whitewash on walls......but we were afraid with the white would Blend too much...and take away the relaxing mood in the room.......sooo
we got Hancock Grey..on The Benjamin Moore Historical Chart
hope it looks ok...........hubby starts tomorrow!
will post pics of progress!

Did you see the new Holiday issue of A Primitive Place?
heres a pic of Holiday Papa 2012 in the ad

Until next time.........

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